Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Choose one option and write a response paper Essay - 1

Choose one option and write a response paper - Essay ExampleResearchers have concluded that the reasons piece of ass the patrolling include food availability, hunting activities, intruder pressures and male party size. The following essay looks at the compositors case of the 2012 Oregon Sanctuary Chimp attack.While cleanup position the Chimpanzee cage at a refuge, the intern and Charla Nash were sternly attacked by a chimpanzee leaving the two brutally injured. The two were cleaning the sanctuary while in the safety of the thought that the chimpanzee was in another area, and it could not get to them through the tunnels. The tunnel enclosure was not properly locked, and the chimpanzee, unfortunately, attacked them. The brutal chimpanzee attack is a normal behavior for chimpanzees that feel that their territory is under threat as previously stated. Charla Nash was also attacked by a coadjutors pet chimpanzee in 2009. The chimpanzee weighing at least 200 pounds was outside, and sh e had gone to help in luring it back to the friends house.The two individuals apparently did not understand that chimpanzees are extremely territorial animals, and they can become violent when they are threatened or in the case that someone enters their territory. It was reported that Charla Nash and the owner of the pet were warned about the dangers of having the chimpanzee around. The chimpanzee was maturing and becoming extremely strong, and it has been reported and researched that chimpanzees viciously attack other animals and chimpanzees that pose a threat to its territory. The chimpanzees viciously attack those who are weaker or do no match them in terms of strength. Anthropologists have said that todays chimpanzees are aggressive because they are endangered by human impact on their natural environment (Watts 317). The reason can perhaps explain the two chimpanzee incidences in this case study. In the Charla Nash, the fast maturing Chimpanzee was forced to live in proximity to human beings and not in their natural

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