Monday, June 10, 2019

Marketing Principles of Virgin Atlantic Assignment

Marketing Principles of Virgin Atlantic - Assignment ExampleAnd this overrides the definition of marketing, which as mentioned earlier is delivering what the customer needs. . unhomogeneous ELEMENTS of Virgins marketing planning process The Companys marketing process can be investigated using the SOSTAC model Situation abbreviation Virgin Atlantic is currently one of the most popular airlines in the UK, with a fleet of 42 aircrafts, and 34 registered destinations. It made a reported injustice of 80.2 Million pounds, and has stopped flying to a issuance of destinations since the last two years. Objectives The objective of the Company is to increase the passenger number, fly to profitable destinations and be the number one choice for passengers. Strategy The Company plans on achieving its objectives by engaging in more effective marketing, cutting unnecessary costs and providing snap off and more unique services. It is important to conduct a market research in order to identify wh at passengers of today expect in an airline, whether they are touch with service or price. The requirements of passengers has changed from the last couple of years, where the main concern for individual and work travellers was price alone. Things defy changed since then and it is important to realign the companys strategy according to customers needs. Tactics The Company will seek to sponsor more international events and support more causes so as to spread the brand name and make it more attractive to prospective passengers. Virgin Atlantic will also focus more on business travellers and provide differentiated services for them through enhancing their departure lounges, providing internet access during the flight, offer round the clock service in long flights and making their put more comfortable. Another market... Center of discussion in this paper is Virgin Atlantic, one of UKs most popular airlines, partially owned by Richard Branson (51%) and capital of Singapore Airlines (4 9%) as a classic example of exemplary marketing strategies. The primary goal of the airline was to provide travelers with low cost travel opportunities with the highest quality. Subsequently their operations expanded to Miami, Boston, Orlando, Tokyo and Los Angeles. The Companys uses all sorts of marketing techniques to elicit its products which are mainly airline tickets and holiday packages. It uses print media, TV advertisements, posters and taxi sides to promote its logo and offers. The Company also offers a frequent flyer program that encourages loyalty in its existing customers, where customers are rewarded with free miles and special services much(prenominal) as access to lounges, dedicated phone and the like. The paper investigates the Companys marketing process using the SOSTAC model. On an international level, Virgin Atlantic originally focuses on building its brand and exemplifying its status as a luxurious and trendy company. It is impossible to cater a marketing stra tegy to the tout ensemble world, hence a tactful strategy would be to portray a general picture that has no cultural significance, and one that is based on a universal belief or feeling. International marketing requires a large amount of financial resources, before entering into a countrys market, companies have to know the laws and regulations of that country

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